My private practice, Trying something new to get a different result

Why I Keep Learning

In the last 60 days, I have taken workshops on treating veterans, post-partum depression and birth trauma, sex and technology, the micro biome and our gut health, and substance abuse and sexuality. I get so much more than professional CEU’s, I get inspired!

My private practice

My Alumni Award from the Ancell School of Business

The Ridgefield area was already crowded with counseling offices, but Hopkins-Alvarez did her homework across an entire year and settled there. “Move toward things that make you afraid every day,” she said. “You will become more resilient and more articulate.

My private practice

Right Time To Schedule

Therapists and coaches are trained to listen and focus in ways which that different from friends and family.

My private practice

What Makes My Practice Unique

My clients inspire me with their choice to pursue change in their lives. I offer the couples and individuals that I work with hope and "tools" for change. Hope that they can change what's not working, even though at times they may believe that change is not possible.