Body Image and Eating Issues

I hate to pathologize anyone by using clinical terms such as “eating disorder”. Each person has a different relationship and challenge when it comes to eating and body image, and it’s almost impossible to put everyone in the same category, but my field does this so we can have a generalized understanding. I apologize for the use of the clinical term in advance of you reading this article.

Don’t get hung up on the term, ‘eating disorder”, just look for any connection you may have to this article.

Here are two key parts of the article:

1- “As my body shrank, it felt like everything else was going with it. As I lost weight, I slowly lost my mind”.

Wait a second, I thought once a client said they lost weight everything should finally be fine, right? Many clients feel uplifted and energized once they get to a healthier weight and/or body image for them but this isn’t a permanent state of mind, we have to accept the occasional triggering and reverting back to old ways of thinking and/or behaving.

2-“I broke up with the scale a few months after that first realization, as a small step toward escaping the obsession. I was tired of relying on it to tell me how I was “measuring up in the world.” I wanted to feel like I was enough just as I was”. 

How valuable would it be for you to not rely on a scale to tell you how you were “measuring up” in the world? Would this be important in your life?

I work with people who struggle with their body image. I get what you are struggling with and I provide a safe place for you to discuss this very private part of your life. Please know that you do not have to live enslaved with the body and food related issues that you currently deal with.

The article below really caught my eye because it tells the story of the agony and contradiction of a body image and eating issue. Curious?

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