I look around and see people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities moving their bodies and it inspires me to get out there and keep doing it. I wish we could substitute the word “movement” for “exercise”, as in therapy sessions, I often hear that people have a negative connection to the word exercise, as they often equate it with failure.

I am so happy when I see a certain older gentleman at my gym in the Zumba class, as he is lost in smiles while he swings his hips, he is one of many seniors I see there who exercise regularly and seem to be really enjoying their experience.

“Forget Calories, Exercise for Awe” is the title of this New York Times article below which suggests that we need to have a mindset of exploration in terms of exercise:

Can “exercise” aka “movement” evolve into something that enhances vs. enslaves our lives? For many, regular movement other than walking from point A to point B seems unattainable; most take an all or nothing approach. I work with clients to incorporate movement at least once per week and then sustain it for a few months before then adding another day, and so forth. From a behavioral standpoint, real change occurs when we can sustain a new behavior over time.

Clients often tell me that when they were getting out and moving regularly they felt better, in both their personal and career domains. When clients are dealing with a lot of anxiety and/or depression, one of the best things they can do is to get their feet moving. If you are in a wheelchair, then getting out of your regular environment to a paved path outside can really clear one’s mind. Clients with chronic pain find a movement that they can tolerate, and for some it’s floating in a pool. Nature tends to help a lot of us to change that switch in our brains from worried and over focused to a calmer place.

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