Many people are truly unaware of the magnitude of worry that acne brings to those who suffer with it. I have worked with many clients who become “high jacked” by their skin, literally taken over by the feelings of fear and self-loathing that acne and the frequently occurring scarring that it brings with it. Several of these clients have acne that does not respond well to traditional dermatological treatments. They have developed feelings of being ugly, wanting to hide, of not wanting to attract attention to them, and feel that people are staring at their breakouts. They have told me that it’s like paranoia of sorts, believing that everyone is just looking at their breakouts.

For adults, acne is really frustrating because they feel like this is a problem associated with younger people, and that they should be over it by now, and thus feeling like they don’t belong. People have a lot of emotions around acne; the main one is a feeling of shame. In our work, we get into how shame plays a part in all of their interactions in their daily life. What would your life be like if shame played the tiniest part, just occasionally showing up to cause unsettling feelings? A drastic reduction in shame causes an increase in positive feelings and more of a sense of wellbeing. Take a look at the following article to read more about acne and the connection to anxiety.

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