Things get better and then things decline. You wonder if things are really difficult enough that you need to schedule an appointment. I usually tell prospective clients that if you experience the same negative verbal exchanges and/or emotions over and over with the same results, it’s time to take a look at how you and/or your family members are communicating.  I recommend an evaluation session, so that you can explore your current situation, along with your questions and concerns. You may be struggling with certain challenges right now, mulling them over in your mind, trying to sort out possible solutions. You may then talk things over with family members and friends, but it may not be enough. An objective third party, such as a therapist or coach, where you are in a confidential setting, is the perfect choice to assist you in perspective taking. Therapists and coaches are trained to listen and focus in ways which are different from friends and family.

I work with couples and individuals in my Psychotherapy and Coaching practice. Find Your Strengths at My clients make progress! Let’s continue the “conversation”, text or call 203-948-0938 or email me @ to discuss your concerns.

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