Do you notice that every morning your motivation to be positive may be sluggish? This is common for most people and I prepare my clients for this by reminding them that what you put into your mind each morning is important. I ask my clients to look at brief videos, articles, and/or nature to remember concepts like love, gratitude, forgiveness and healthy power. It’s important to dedicate yourself to this process each day, to put in that positive information back into your brain because it literally seeps out while we are sleeping. I advocate acceptance of this process instead of questioning it and encourage my clients to put in the time to rebalance and reboot their mind and body. Taking a short walk and moving the body is also important to help the brain along, so to speak.

We can take steps each day to affirm the good things in our life, as well as notice the things we would like to improve upon and change. Noticing what is going well is essential, as this literally will rewire your brain to be more resilient to stress.

Remember, how we talk to ourselves can change our mood!