Thank a teacher today.

I’m taking this day, December 21, 2012, to thank all of the teachers and staff who work with my children, as well as all of our children. I always knew that teachers were a critical part of our children’s lives but it has now been proven (again) for the world to see. Teachers run toward a crisis, as they have done in this horrific Sandy Hook tragedy, to shield their students at the expense of their own lives and families. Please thank a teacher today as they head off for a very different kind of holiday break.

My other masters is in education and I am also a Certified CT Teacher and CT School Counselor, in addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, so I understand teachers and school settings. Teachers have shown time and time again that they put themselves in harm’s way during active shooter situations, I am grateful for their selfless efforts to protect students!

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Thank You,
Kelley Hopkins-Alvarez,
Licensed Professional Counselor

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