Insurance for psychotherapy and counseling requires a diagnosis, paying privately does not.  I take the time to explain to my clients what a behavioral health (formerly known as mental health) diagnosis is and how it could possibly affect them (i.e., HIPAA, employment, life insurance,  etc). Coaching is not a covered expense through insurance.

My clients have struggles currently in their lives, but essentially they are healthy individuals who are experiencing these challenges in varying degrees. However, when clients seek to use insurance, a therapist needs to provide a diagnosis from the DSM.  A “treatment” is then listed on the receipt in the form of a CPT code for the insurance company purposes.

Many therapists like me are out-of-network providers, which means that clients pay their therapist directly, and then clients send the receipt with psychiatric diagnosis to their insurance company for consideration for reimbursement directly back to the client. Personally, I wish insurance companies valued the therapy process as a primary form of treatment but sadly medication has risen to the most desired treatment for anxiety, depression, OCD, AD/HD, etc. Medication can be extremely important for some clients, but only in addition to psychotherapy and counseling, not as a standalone treatment.

Below are important changes for the new DSM-5 that is being released in 2013:

DSM-5: The Future of Psychiatric Diagnosis.

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