Feeling angry? Most don’t know that anger is a secondary emotion to other feelings such as loneliness, low-self worth, guilt, shame, or sadness.  As therapists, we learn fairly early on in our training not to take anger at face value and to probe underneath for more information. Through our work together, I help you to learn to dig under the anger to the deeper emotions. Once we get a handle on what those deeper emotions are, you will notice that they way you show anger changes over time. Also, take a look at my YouTube videos to learn more about positive expression of emotions.

Being able to pivot from blind anger to conscious thought is a really difficult thing to do without practice. I help people learn to manage anger differently!

I tell my clients that setbacks are part of the process and to just “try again” in terms of regulating their anger. As you become more conscious of this process, you will notice more coping skills develop, and just because you make mistakes it doesn’t mean that you aren’t changing.

Curious about your anger and how you get so defensive?  Contact me and we can chat about more ways to shift out of anger.

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