Have you ever thought that your mind controls you vs. you being able to control your mind, much like a monkey swinging back and forth from tree to tree? For many, they feel captive to their minds, where obsessive and anxious thoughts sweep them away in a wave of distraction.

Is anyone really capable of controlling their mind or anything/anyone else in this world? Is it possible to become inspired to gain more acceptance of your thoughts and anxiety? Becoming inspired to make “friends” with what troubles you results in paying more attention to how you feel, in that “paying attention” our mind becomes more connected to our body.The meaning of “friends” means that you begin to accept what causes you pain vs. thinking about your worries as your “enemy”.

By accepting your own feelings and not trying to numb them, your panic, anger, depression, anxiety and/or loneliness, becomes a source for meditation, healing, self-compassion, etc. Increasing your personal power comes as a result of developing your inner self, the part of you that doesn’t completely depend  on others. Science tells us that our brains are capable of change, this neuroplasticity is exciting! We can manifest changes in our brain by paying attention to how we feel and by creating more space to breathe.

I recently went to Kripalu Center in Massachusetts and was a participant in Dr. Christopher Germer’s , Self-Compassion and Mindfulness weekend. He embraces loving kindness meditation, also known as Metta meditation, as a way toward a more peaceful and accepting mind and body.

Here is a wonderful video to learn this process, feel free to just watch a minute or two at a time to get used to this, take it slow and don’t judge yourself.

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