In my private practice, I encourage clients to begin to ask questions. One question that comes up frequently is the issue of control. Can we really control anything?

We all have an intent to control and influence outcomes but ultimately the result in many instances is beyond our influence. We try to control even when we’ve been unsuccessful in doing so; even after we’ve put our “heart and soul” into something.

We are then faced with the fact that we don’t have as much control over outcomes as we’d like. This lack of control creates anxiety and stress in many ways.

Acceptance is a tough concept for many of us. It doesn’t mean giving in or giving up, it means that we begin to become more comfortable with the fact that we can’t control outcomes, only our intent.

Getting out in nature and moving our body really helps to blow off steam and shift our focus of control, even if you just go for a scenic drive, our brains literally shift off the control channel to one of open focus.

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